Torin Takes Out Olympic Champ

2014-12-13 21:55
BRECKENRIDGE, CO (Dec. 13, 2014)- Under a setting sun at the 10th annual Dew Tour, Torin Yater-Wallace and David Wise would put down some of the best halfpipe runs of their freeskiing careers to take the top two spots on the podium in men’s halfpipe - Wallace in first and Wise in second. 
In what appeared to be a battle of one-upmanship, Yater-Wallace took the lead with a huge double cork 1260 on the first hit and landed what is arguably the biggest double flat spin alley-oop ever which moved him into first with a 92.25.  Then Wise, who won last weekend’s opening Sprint U.S. Grand Prix, dropped into what he says was “the best run of my life” linking back-to-back 1260 doubles and moved ahead of Wallace with a 94.75. But it was Wallace’s second run an even bigger frontside 1260 and linked back-to-back alley-oop double corks that would ultimately take the lead and the win with a 95.25. With Wallace and Wise swapping last week’s podium spots it’s’ fair to say that the Wallace-Wise rivalry is back. Top qualifier, Gus Kenworthy finished just shy of the podium in fourth and Alex Ferreria followed suit in fifth. 
On the women’s slopestyle course, hometown hero, Keri Herman would reign supreme taking home her first Dew Tour title. Herman’s first run packed with 720s, spinning in all directions landed her on top of the podium just ahead of Emma Dalstrom and U.S. Freeskiing teammate, Julia Krass. Rookie skier Krass landed her second run and with a corked 720 and a solid rail section to step onto her first Dew Tour podium. Slopestyle favorite, Maggie Voisin, fell in her first run and decided to sit out her second.
The Dew Tour wraps up Sunday with men’s slopestyle skiing takes place Dec. 14. 
TV Schedule
Dec. 14- Dew Tour Mountain Championships NBC 1:00-3:00 p.m. ET (LIVE)
Dec. 15- Dew Tour Mountain Championships NBCSN 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET (LIVE)
Dec. 28- Breckenridge Recap/Highlights         NBC 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. ET
Live Streaming
Dec. 14- Men’s Slopestyle Skiing Final 1:00 p.m. ET LIVE
Torin Yater-Wallace, Dew Tour Winner
It feels amazing! Last year, the Olympic year, I got hurt at this event and the whole season didn't work out so hot for me. So, coming back and getting on the podium is a great feeling. I've never done too well here, so this is awesome. It just felt like any other run, but I heard others saying I was going really big. The pipe was really fast, so that's what happens. It felt normal but I guess I went a little big. Going into my second to last hit in the first run I landed pretty flat because I popped super hard... so I had to polish that up, land higher up on the wall and bring all the speed I could to the last hit to get the grab, better amplitude and the grab — it got me the few extra points I needed I guess.
David Wise, Second Place, Dew Tour
I’ve just been having fun all week riding this Breckenridge halfpipe. Coming into tonight, I just knew it was going to be a hot contest because last week at the Grand Prix was so intense. Torin came out first run and landed the biggest double alley-oop flat spin I’ve ever seen, so I was like “Alright, that’s how you’re gonna set the bar” and then I landed probably the best run of my life, first run. Got every grab, super smooth, went huge and couldn’t be more happy with that run. And Torin throws another heater run and moves into first. I’m stoked on the Wallace veruses Wise rivalry.
Kerri Herman, Dew Tour Winner
I feel absolutely amazing to win the Dew Tour at my home mountain, with all my family and all my friends here and to be able to put down a run that I know I can do and for it to pay off like this is amazing. I’m so excited. Everyone skied so amazing today.
Julia Krass, Third Place, Dew Tour
I can’t believe it. It was is so exciting to get on the podium. It’s the first competition of the year I was so stoked to qualify into second place. I was so nervous but I knew I could do it, I just stayed level headed and got it done.