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One of the most special moments in my skiing career is a redemption story of competing at the World Ski Invitational. In order to understand why this event was so special I will need to scroll back in time to one-year prior. It was the first year I was seriously competing, and I did well enough to earn myself a spot at W.S.I. which is known for its big slope style courses. During the first day of practice I caught an edge of a rail feature and fell on the sharp end of my pole, everything happened so fast it was hard for me to react.

I am 16 years old and grew up in the greater Boston area. My home resort is Sunday River where I started skiing at the age of 2. I compete in slope style because it enables me to push my limits. I also enjoy riding urban features because it creates a unique experience.

When I was younger I would go up to Sunday River every weekend to ski. At eleven I rode up the chair lift with Simon Dumont, I was privileged enough to ski with him that day and he showed me his tricks.

This is when I changed my focus from a traditional skier to a park skier. I started skiing park and was blown away with how nice the people were and how everyone was so happy and there was always good times to be had. I immediately knew that this was something that I wanted to do for as long as possible.

In the summers when skiing was not available, I would take astro turf and create my own rails to practice endlessly on. When I was fifteen I decided to join Windells Academy in mount hood Oregon to take my skiing to a high level. The enthusiasm I get from skiing is contagious to others; this is because of my pure passion for skiing.



  • Represent the USA at the World Cup at Sierra Nevada Spain 2013
  • Finished the year in the top 20 in the USA for slope style
  • Qualified 14th into semi finals at the Dumont cup
  • Invited to the World ski invitational in 2012 and 2013
  • World ranking 59th