Freeskiing Coach of the Year

The USSA Coach of the Year Award recognizes outstanding contribution to development and international programs by a coach resulting in high-level performance by his or her athletes in competition during the past season.  Coaches of the year are recognized for their leadership, commitment, sport knowledge and passion, including proven ability to foster athletic excellence amongst their consituents or teams.

Nominations can be made during the year and are generally due mid-March. The awards are presented at championship events in the spring or at the USSA Chairman's Dinner in May during USSa Congress.  Nominations can be sent to USSA Sport Education.

USSA Domestic Coach of the Year 

*Also recognized as USSA Development Coach of the Year by the U.S. Olympic Committee

2015 - Chris "Hatch" Haslock (Park City, UT/Team Park City United)
2014 - Dan Shuffleton
2013 - Tim Maney
2012 - Ben Verge

USSA International Coach of the Year

2015 - Skogen Sprang (Park City, UT/U.S. Ski Team)
2014 - Skogen Sprang
2013 - DJ Montigny
2012 - Evan Raps


Chris "Hatch" Haslock being awarded the Freeskiing Domestic Coach of the Year by USSA Chairman Dexter Paine

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